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Fabric 8 Geological Software for

The package Fabric8 for Windows consists of 32 strong computer programs for the solution of various problems in structural geology, petrofabrics, neotectonics, rock mechanics, engineering geology, physical geography, geophysics, and other fields of earth sciences. The programs have been in use for a long time.

Statistical parameters of both three or two dimensionally distributed orientation data (lineation, schistosity, bedding, joints, fold axes, universal stage data) can be calculated and graphically presented in stereonets.

Submaxima in the distribution of orientation data are found and tested for significance. Displacement data (slickensides and striations) are used to calculate and plot the orientation and shape of paleostresses. Other programs enable the reconstruction of a data file from a bitmap of a stereonet by clicking on the points. Several programs analyse fold shapes with Fourier coefficients or with isogon methods. Strain anlysis can be done with outcrop data (Talbot method) or with images of the distribution of strain markers (Fry method, Panozzo method). Structural maps can be plotted from structural data and their coordinates. The entire package was developed by Prof. Dr. Eckart Wallbrecher.

The program can be downloaded without charge. A free one month trial license can be obtained from

Last update Januiary 31, 2015   New features: A new program is installated for quantitative fold shape description with Bézier curves. The help function has been completely reworked.

Price for a single license : EUR 420,- (VAT excluded)
(multiple use within one scientific institution is allowed)